Legacy Pollo Cup – Polo Tournament, Switzerland

Since several years EPOS is the official time keeper of the polo tournament «Legacy Pollo Cup». The prestigious polo tournament in Birrfeld (Switzerland) hosts annually 32 players, divided into 8 teams, including several international polo players. 120 horses are required for the exciting four-day event. Other highlights are the charity night on the events’ second day or the spectacular show of the aerobatic squadron «Patrouille Suisse». EPOS and Polo is a perfect fit representing values like tradition, passion and elegance.

@Robert Kranz

Drift Masters GP – Drift Races, Poland

Action-packed, powerful engines and smoking tyres are key features of the Drift Masters GP in Poland. EPOS is highly engaged with the popular event through sponsoring. The event takes place at seven different weekends during fourteen rounds between April and October. As long-term partner EPOS designed a watch especially for this spectacular competition. The EPOS Sportive Drift Masters GP 3433 is a special edition Chronograph, equipped with the most high end components.

Maybank Malaysian Open – Golf Tournament, Malaysia

The «Maybank Malaysian Open» is the oldest and the biggest professional Golf Tournament in Malaysia. Since 1962 the tournament has been hosting various professional golf players yearly.  The tournament reached its peak in 2015, with a prize money of 3 Million US Dollars, the «Maybank Malaysian Open» is now the richest tournament among the European and Asian Tours in the region. The event reaches 117 countries over 43 global broadcasters. EPOS is proud to be the official time-keeper of this prestigious professional golf tournament. 

MercedesTrophy Golf Challenge – Golf Tournament, Malaysia

EPOS is partner of the «MercedesTrophy Golf Challenge» at its Tour Stops in Malaysia. Every year, the MercedesTrophy, with a renowned international golf tournament reputation, attracts more than 65,000 fans worldwide all sharing the same passion towards golf. The tournament is designed to transform a pure sporting extravaganza. The participants of this tournament comprise distinguished achievers from all walks of life.

MercedesTrophy Golf Challenge