New brand ambassadress: Gosia Rdest – Polish star of motosports

EPOS is proud to have such an athlete as brand ambassadress for the EPOS ladies collection. EPOS is looking forward to this cooperation.

Gosia Rdest – A rising Polish star of motorsports

As an 18-years old teen, Gosia started her sports career very late. In a bold move, she chose a male-dominated sport with 99% male participants. However, Gosia has never been afraid of the fact that she races predominantly men. With her strength and skills that are often superior to her colleagues’, she has managed to thrive and prosper in this harsh environment. The year 2011 was a turning point in her career, as she won the Polish Championship in the KF2 category. Once again, she was the only female contestant – a further proof of her extraordinary talent that also brought her a nomination for the Polish National Team in cart racing. Today, Gosia is racing in the F4 category. That she is the only female driver in the field goes without saying.

As a true athlete and most of all a beautiful young woman, she combines style and performance in a most charming way – Features that are completely in-line with the ladies collection of EPOS and therefore make her a perfect brand ambassadress. Among the wide collection of mechanical watches, the unique model EPOS Ref. 4401 with diamonds is her watch of choice.

Gosia’s biggest her dream is to become the first female driver in Formula 1. EPOS is proud to have such a promising athlete as brand ambassadress and is looking forward to this cooperation. Go for it, Gosia!